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To start up a home for all the Lost Souls, To Teach them God's Word and to help them reach goals.

- LaKeisha Shantrail Brown

Our Mission

The primary goal of the Legacii Educational Development Foundation (LEDF) diversion program is to eliminate the risk factors that predispose our youth and young adults to delinquency, and their encounters with the criminal justice system. 


The objectives of the Legacii Educational Development Foundation are as follows:


  • To provide general guidance to at-risk young adults.


  • To promote personal and social responsibility among at risk young adults.


  • To increase participation and enhance ability to benefit from elementary and secondary education.


  • To discourage use of illegal drugs and firearms, involvement in violence and other delinquent activities.


  • To discourage participation in gangs.


  • To encourage participation in service and community activities.

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