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Legacii Educational Development Foundation (LEDF) was created to facilitate a young adult’s development and to create a learning center for underprivileged youth and young adults, who have been excluded, due to protracted poverty, from the traditional pathways to a successful career.  Our foundation teaches computer literacy, economic literacy, vocational skills and violence prevention.  It helps expand social education through recreational and community services for students and their parents. 


LEDF also helps our youth and young adults make responsible decisions, build self-confidence, control their destiny and create positive community change while offering physical, social and spiritual growth, leading to prevention of juvenile crime.


LEDF is here to help reduce anti-social behavior, drug and alcohol use, and any participation in violent activities.  Our foundation works with parents on child abuse and helps educate their children on teen pregnancy.  The young people who we propose to bring into the programs are young adults who are weak in computer skills, reading and other academic areas. The program is geared to build the youth's self-image and create a positive attitude toward society.  Our teacher and counselor roles are used to help the young people make responsible decisions, which will be appropriate and beneficial for them in the future.  The atmosphere will be kept as positive as possible, with no fear of retaliation from authority figures or the staff.



There is so much work to be done in OUR community. Community based programs are based on the unique strengths and talents of people. These communities include neighborhoods, religious congregations, cultural and ethic groups, groups with common interests, and people facing common barriers. Since you are apart of OUR community, this is where you come in. 

However, we do have members of our community that just want to be financial backers. If this is you, please see the Donate page.



Want to be involved in helping the youth? Are you motivational speaker? Or teacher?

The Youth Organization is always looking for talented, caring people to support, nurture and encourage our youth. Some areas of development includes, mentoring, GED Test Preparation, Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Sports participation, Agricultural Training, and Vocational Skill Training.


Do you believe, those charged deserve a second chance? Do you want to help someone on his/her feet? Have you been in his/her shoes and want to be an inspiration?

FreshStart Transitions in the House of Legacii is the best place to start! We help young men and women start a new, in a positive and encouraging environment. The House of Legacii is designed to give a peace of mind, that life will get better with hard work and determination. We need all the support we can get. If you would prefer to donate, that is welcomed as well. If you would like to mentor, please contact us.


Do you know someone that is really talented in hair maintenance, but not able to financially gain his/her full earning potential? Do you have the skills to be a cosmetologist?

If you know of someone that has the upmost skills to be a cosmetologist, let him/her know about Blytheville School of Cosmetology. Students learn how to take care of hair and nails, while learning how to be a professional in their field. Students can choose from the many financial aid available to help pay for the courses.


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