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PROJECTS: Building Something Together...

Blytheville School of Cosmetology
Youth Organization
FreshStart Transitions

"I need a new life, a chance, and a plan, somewhere to build a house on rock, not sand"

-The Late Lakeisha Brown


At Blytheville School of Cosmetology (BSC) we believe in building a foundation for future careers. BSC offers education to upcoming cosmetologists and barbers while at the same time offer services to the public. 


Blytheville School of Cosmetology is equipped with a total of 25 work stations, modern and up-to-date equipment as well as a reference library, a large classroom used for both practical and theory classes, and video library with VCR/DVD Player and TV.  All of these things are for the complete use in student training.


We use methods that are designed to insure our graduates are well trained and able to compete in today's profession.  We are proud of the programs that we offer and hope to have many successful graduates.

Now that we have partnered with CHI, we can offer vast quality products as well!

a CHI partnered school!

"Its come to me, but not in a dream, we are suppose to help others as part of a team"

-The Late Lakeisha Brown


To promote essential characteristics that will help build a successful and healthy lifestyle for leaders of tomorrow. These are activities for the youth involvement:


Recreational Activities: Involvement in sports such as basketball, football and soccer. 


Educational Field Trips: Trips to museums: the Clinton Library, and Pink Palace Museum. Other trips include places like the St. Louis Arch, and the Botanical Gardens of Memphis.


Talent Encouragement Activities: Activities that will help the youth to find their inner creative being, such as talent shows, poetry readings, creative writing, music and dance recitals.


Agricultural Training: Teach and inspire the youth to grow their own crops, which includes fruits and vegetables, while promoting a healthier lifestyle. 


GED Test Prep: Help students to be better prepared to take the official GED exams, by assessing and improving weak subject areas.


"Start up a home for all the lost souls..."

- The Late Lakeisha Brown


We like to help others that have lost their way. We believe that second chances should be applied to all.


Here at the House of Legacii we will provide an everyday welcoming smile, and encouragement to adapt to society. 


Counseling will be provided for those that struggle with life basic everyday needs. 


They will have to either work or attend schooling, in order to stay in the House of Legacii. Support will be given to those that have difficulty finding work.



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