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My name is Juana Michelle Brown, I am the founder of Legacii Educational Development Foundation. 


This foundation was built to honor my late daughter Lakeisha S. Brown. Keisha had a very big heart and was passionate about life. Keisha, in my eye was a multi-talented writer. She wrote plays for church ministries and poems for the school she attended. She inspired so many around her with her poems, that I am willing to share some of the stanzas from her poem throughout the LEDF site.


Because of LaKeisha, I believe that providing teens and young adults with life enrichment skills, that will enhance and direct their personal life styles, social awareness, and career goals to engage in society and marketplace values, while at the same time, build their self-esteem.


LEDF is a non-profit Public Benefit Corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation law for public and charitable purpose.


OUR mission is to build bridges to enrich career development and create job opportunities, while growing future leaders through innovative career programs. Our foundation specializes in assisting young adults with career-based jobs through internships, job-developing placement, job shadowing, recreational activities and mentoring, along with providing them transportation.

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